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We didn't anticipate starting a business, but our shared life experiences led us to found Haskill Creek Farms.

We didn’t expect to start a company together. But a trio of personal experiences, and a shared frustration with conventional medicine would bring us together after almost twenty years.

A husband and wife duo (Carrie & I), and a long lost friend from high school (Craig) reunited in the small mountain town of Whitefish, Montana. 

At the time, I was transitioning from my role as CEO & founder of a 250-person software company that I had led for over a decade. But the accumulated stress of the job was killing me (quite literally, I was headed towards a very bad place). 

Migraines, earaches, trouble swallowing - these were just some of the symptoms. After dozens of tests, my doctors concluded (shockingly) that nothing was wrong. Yet, they still suggested I go on pain killers to deal with my symptoms 🤯. 

So I started exploring a naturopathic approach instead; but as I dove in, I found it challenging to navigate, hard to get quality products, and generally intimidating without any experience. I was very lucky to find a naturopathic doctor (a needle in a haystack really) who helped get me on the right track with herbal supplements, a refined diet, and stress management… and my symptoms were gone within sixty days! 

But I kept thinking to myself, how many people never find the needle in the haystack and are stuck on an endless cycle of opioids, sleeping pills or more. 

Craig and Carrie had had their own unique experiences, and so many others we’ve talked to since. 

So we decided to launch Haskill Creek Farms, to make the naturopathic approach to health care more accessible -  as an alternative (not a replacement) to conventional medicine and the traditional pharmacy. 

Our concept would source the highest quality, lowest toxin products from supplements to skin care, and connect our customers with the best doctors, practitioners, and therapists in the area.  

The store also carries a wide-range of medicinal herbs sourced directly from US based farms, and, through our partner Cannabis Counter (located right next to Haskill Creek), our adult visitors can access a high-end cannabis line.

No more guesswork, no more stress. 

Whether you live in the Whitefish area, or you’re just passing by, we’d love for you to come by the store some time. Our hope is that the products we carry will have as positive of an impact on your health and happiness as they have had on our own. 

To a better tomorrow, 

Scot, Carrie, Craig

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Scot Chisholm

Scot is one of the founders of Haskill Creek Farms. Prior to starting Haskill Creek Farms, he was the CEO of a software company focused on the social sector.

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