Understanding Our Product Catalog

Understanding Our Product Catalog
At Haskill Creek Farms we carry a wide variety of natural products to help you live a healthier, happier, life.

Haskill Creek Farms is a bit different from most stores (in a good way we hope!). It’s certainly different from a traditional drug store, and it’s even a bit different than most natural health stores. Because many people don’t have a great analog to help them understand what Haskill Creek Farms is, we figured it’d be worthwhile to spend a little time explaining how we think about our store and going over some of the major product categories we carry.

Our Three Primary Product Categories

Let’s start with the big picture. You can think about Haskill Creek as a natural complement to the traditional drug store or pharmacy. Instead of carrying over the counter and prescription drugs to help you feel better, we carry a wide range of natural health and wellness products meant to help you live a healthier, happier, life. Because we are located right next to our partner, the Cannabis Counter, our over 21 visitors also have access to a full range of organic cannabis products as one option for meeting their health and wellness needs. Within Haskill Creek itself, you’ll find a wide array of products that fall into three general categories:

Health & Wellness - Think all manner of natural products to help you and your loved ones live healthy lives. Things like adaptogens, bulk herbs, cbd oils, nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, organic skin care products, and much more. These types of items are the major focus of our store and comprise about 75% of the products we carry.

Healthy Home Goods - Imagine a variety of different fun, stylish, natural and health-promoting home goods. Premium quality items like herb trimmers and tea kettles, vases, candleholders, plush bath towels, garden kits, and essential oil diffusers. This category of products often complements our core health and wellness products (you need something to trim those herbs, brew that tea, or drink that smoothie out of after all!) but they are a smaller focus and make up about 15% of the products we carry.

Active Lifestyle -  Finally, we also carry an array of different lifestyle items that complement the health conscious lifestyle our other items encourage. Think of things like yoga blocks, games for kids, outdoor speakers, water bottles, and even some good stuff for the family pet. These are the final layer of products we offer in the store and make up about 10% of what we carry.

Since our primary focus is on natural health products let’s take a brief tour through some of the key subcategories within the general Health and Wellness category. This will give you a sense of the range of different products we carry. Keep in mind that we carry A LOT of different products, this overview will give you a taste for the flavor of the items we stock, but if you really want the full meal, you’ll have to come visit us in person.

Whole Body

When you think of our  “Whole Body” category of products, think wellness from the inside out. This category includes a wide range of different nutritional supplements (usually ingested) to help enhance your wellbeing. Whole Body covers products like: supplements, adaptogens, CBD products, vitamins, bulk herbs, pre & post biotics, minerals, and fish oil & omegas.

Some of our most popular products within this category include:

  • Plant People Wonderday Mushroom Gummies (Five different functional and adaptogenic mushrooms all provided in a convenient gummy form)

  • Cure Hydration (An electrolyte solution providing rapid and robust hydration)

  • Canna-FS 500 Rollon (A full spectrum CBD roll on product with a pleasant peppermint aroma)

  • Thorne Multi-Vitamin Elite (Thorne’s premium multi-vitamin for supporting an active lifestyle)

  • Lion’s Mane Powder (A functional mushroom with adaptogenic properties especially benefitting the brain)

Sleep & Stress, Immunity, Pain & Inflammation, Digestive Health

These four categories are similar to “Whole Body” in the sense that they often include supplements or products you ingest, but they are different in the sense that the products in these categories are more narrowly tailored to specific ailments or use-cases. For example, whole body supplements include vitamins or other nonspecific health promoting substances (like adaptogens), while these categories include a smaller array of products more specifically targeting promoting quality sleep, reducing stress, boosting immunity, and so forth.

Some of our most popular products within these categories include:

  • Pain and Recovery Lotion (A CBD lotion for muscle pain and recovery)

  • Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels with Curcumin (CBD capsules enhanced with curcumin to address muscle pain, joint pain, and inflammation)

  • Haskill Blend Immunity Tea (Our herbalist-formulated tea blend with a mixture of organic herbs promoting immune support)

  • Plant People Immune Power Capsules (A blend of five functional mushrooms enhanced with an adaptogenic herb and vitamin C to help boost immunity)

  • NightLight Mushroom Mix (A soothing mushroom-based hot chocolate fortified with magnesium and l-theanine to help promote restful sleep)

  • Cymbiotika Adrenal Super Tonic (Blend of adaptogens, herbal extracts, and essential oils meant to promote resilience against stress and relief from anxiety)

  • Ashwagandha Capsules (Capsules containing the extract of this potent adaptogen to promote effective stress response)

Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Kids’ Health

These next three categories are for items more specifically geared towards promoting health in women, men, or children. They include a variety of items that might span several of our other categories (for example daily multi vitamins or immunity support supplements) but the unifying factor for products in these categories is that they are formulated specifically for either women, men, or kids.

Some of our most popular products within these categories include:

  • Women’s Delight Tea (An herbalist formulated Haskill Creek Farms tea blend to support women’s health)

  • TOP Organic Tampons (100% organic, eco-friendly, tampons)

  • Honey Pot Daily Wipes (plant derived feminine care product for intimate parts, hands and face)

  • Thorne Basic Prenatal Multi-Vitamin (Thorne’s multi for nourishing moms and supporting their babies development)

  • Gaia Herbs Male Libido Support (Herbal capsules blending horny goat weed, saw palmetto, maca, and oats)

  • Thorne Kid’s Multi Plus (A dissolvable daily-multi packed with 15 science-backed nutrients for children ages 4 and up)

  • Gaia Kids Black Elderberry Syrup (Delicious tasting immune support syrup for children)

Diet & Nutrition

One of our most popular subcategories is Diet & Nutrition, which encompasses a whole range of health-promoting food items you might find in your kitchen. We have a number of popular coffee-alternative products, complemented by a selection of local coffees, and a number of different tea blends (including our in house blends). You’ll also find olive oils, honeys, culinary herbs and herb blends (including own own in house blends), culinary powders (plant protein, superfoods, greens), syrups, vinegars, butter, healthy snacks, beverages, and more.

Some of our most popular products within these categories include:

  • Blume Blend (Superfood Lattes to jump start your day without the caffeine)

  • Life Boost Whole Bean Coffee Bags (A variety of low acid, organic coffee options to choose from)

  • SunsUp Mushroom Coffee Mix (Coffee fortified with functional mushrooms, herbs, and minerals)

  • Enzo Organic Olive Oil (Premium organic virgin olive oil, with several herb-infused variants to choose from)

  • Brightland Vinegar(Fruit-forward, double-fermented and family-farm to table vinegars )

  • Fire Tongue Farms Chili Crisp (Flavorful cayenne chili crisp oil)

  • Turmeric Powder (Organic Turmeric powder, popular in Indian cooking)

  • Vanilla Plant Protein (A blended plant protein powder enhanced with mushroom complex, raw greens complex, and more)

  • Montana Wild Crafted Honey (Natural raw honey locally produced in Montana)

Body Care, Beauty & Aging

If our “Whole Body” category generally means wellness from the inside out, our Body Care and Beauty & Aging categories are more about taking care of yourself from the outside-in. These categories include quite a range of items spanning things like skin care, grooming & deodorants, eye care, oral health, natural first aid & sanitation, facial care, makeup, and more. 

Some of our most popular products within these categories include:

  • Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant (We carry multiple scents of this natural deodorant with seaweed extracts & hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin, and probiotics to help neutralize odor)

  • Kai Perfume Oil (An intoxicating perfume oil fragrance made with essential oils in a convenient and easy to use roll-on)

  • Shower Steamer Set (A set of shower bars activated by steam, releasing invigorating scents of essential oils to start your day)

  • MANOS Soap Bar (Over a dozen different plant-based soap bars, boosted with botanical oils)

  • Haoma Hydrating Body Cream (A rich CBD body cream with a blend of fig, red mandarin, and cocoa seeds)

  • Haoma Eye Cream Brightening Mycelium (A mushroom based cream meant to brighten and tighten the delicate skin around the eyes)

  • Salt & Stone Sunscreen (Lightweight, sweat resistant, sunscreen fortified with Ashwagandha and Hyaluronic Acid to soothe the skin)

  • JAK Organics Antibacterial Wipes (All natural and compostable sanitizing wipes that kills 99.99% of bacteria)

  • Hello Wink Lip Balm (A number of different natural lip balms packaged in sustainable containers)

Hopefully this post gives you a sense of what we carry at Haskill Creek Farms. All told, we’ve got over a thousand different products and variants available. We are constantly evolving what we carry and we also rotate in seasonal items to complement the staples. What we’ve outlined here just scratches the surface, so we hope you’ll come visit soon to see for yourself.

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