Brand Spotlight Series Featuring: *Ursa Major* A Skincare Routine

Ursa Major Product Spread
A diverse spread of delightfully clean product formuations.

Ursa Major is a superior clean beauty brand out of the mountains of Vermont. Since 2010, this husband and wife team have continually improved their formulations to adhere to the emerging science on ingredient safety.  At their core, their skincare products have always held to a method of less-is-more. Because of this balanced approach, Ursa Major is  now leading the way.  Their plant-based formulations are effective and appealing to all genders and skin types.

The brand also prioritizes sustainability. They are a B Certified Corporation, which means they are committed to continual improvement. Ursa Major goes above and beyond by being Certified Plastic Negative. This entails a pledge to offset their impact by removing two plastic bottles from the environment for every one they produce. They are also regularly improving  their product packaging. In doing so, they are initiating a crossover to glass, recycled, and recyclable packaging. Finally, Ursa Major sources and manufactures in the USA. This has a strong aftereffect on the reduction of their carbon footprint.

Hello, user and planet friendly. 

Now a skincare routine highlighting some products from their line:

1. Cleanse

Begin with their Fantastic Face Wash, a mildly exfoliating cleanser featuring AHA, or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, with excellent lather. This gel-based formula has invigorating notes of spearmint, rounded out with cedar and lime essential oils. We carry this in store- in a handy travel size as well, for a low-commitment trial run.


Nourish the skin with their Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum. Featuring a highly stable form of Vitamin C, that helps to brighten dull-looking skin and lighten stubborn dark spots. This featherweight formula works wonders under your daily SPF lotion.

Try their Forest Alchemy Eye Cream, a supremely nourishing and multi-faceted cream. This features forest-foraged ingredients like Chaga and Tremella mushrooms. The addition of Wild Birch contributes 17 amino acids for supple and hydrated skin. Altogether, this botanical blend helps promote lymphatic drainage to help de-puff the undereye area.

3. Moisturize

Using their nutritive Golden Hour Recovery Cream- available in regular and travel size. This luxurious and richly restorative cream can be used daily or as a “wrinkle-busting” night cream. With powerhouse ingredients like nourishing sea buckthorn and calming calendula, this reparative cream is great for skin exposed to the elements.

4. Self-Care Sunday

Whenever your skin needs a little pick-me up, try their Bright and Easy 3 Minute Flash Mask. The name says it all, you only need a few minutes for this enzymatic gel-based mask to work its magic. Gentle yet powerful, this cooling mask features pomegranate and pineapple enzymes to balance skin tone. Additionally, Alfalfa Extract acts as a retinol-alternative to boost elasticity.

Visit Ursa Major online for more information.

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