Brand Spotlight Series: EmerginC

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Pure. Potent. Cosmeceuticals.

Since 1996, EmerginC has been leading the way with cutting edge ingredients and technology. Their products utilize clinically-proven cosmeceutical and medical-grade ingredients, active botanicals, and marine extracts. This is a magical combination providing results-driven effectiveness for the conscious consumer.

EmerginC continues to follow the science, upgrading formulations when necessary. But they have always had sustainability as part of their formula. This includes their  “buy one, plant one” tree planting program. Recently, they added a free Bamboo toothbrush with every purchase to help reduce plastic demand and production. Small swaps can lead to radical change.

EmerginC now consists of three specialty product lines, each with a different finesse.

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This line includes some of their original products and are considered "clean cosmeceuticals". These are some of the most powerful active ingredients for notable changes in the skin. Think ingredients like retinol, acid peels, and their flagship product the Vitamin C Serum.

Scientific Organics
This line is at least 70% organic ingredients. This line focus more on the power of nature, with gentler yet still effective ingredients. Per their website, "Active ingredients include a wide variety of antioxidant-rich plant extracts, cutting-edge peptides, grape stem cells, natural fruit acids, spirulina, kombucha, goji berry, white and green teas, food-grade seaweed, aloe, pine bark extract, asthaxanthin, vitamins, proprietary hydrating and brightening complexes, and more." [1]

This particular line utilizes cold-pressed chemistry. This is a special process of extracting pure plant botanicals. Ingredients include "sunflower seed oil, sesame seed oil, olive fruit oil, hemp seed oil, chia seed oil, carrot seed oil, fair trade and virgin cocoa butter, coffee oil, Kakadu plum oil, coconut oil, black cumin seed oil, tomato seed oil, and raspberry seed oil." [2]

We are honored to work with this company, available to select estheticians and the top spas in the world.

Here are top three customer favorites we feature in-store at Haskill Creek...

1. Hydra-Repair Intensive Topical Infusion Capsules

This nutritive and powerful treatment comes in nifty capsules, to open each use, keeping the product at its most effective. Each capsule contains ceramides that help build and repair the skin barrier. This formula is ultra moisturizing and can be great for Winter skin.

Hot Tip* Add a capsule to your favorite mask to instantly boost it's moisturizing properties.

2. Vitamin C Serum

No surprise here, as their highly popular flagship product! This Vitamin C serum is unique in that it contains three forms of highly stable Vitamin C. This is a strong antioxidant combination to fight free radicals and boost production of collagen. A ginseng complex and orange peel extract naturally help to detox the skin.

3. Multi-Vitamin + Retinol Serum

This is a multi-tasking serum, powerful yet said to be gentle enough for sensitive skin. Soothing botanical ingredients like balm mint and yarrow can help redness-prone skin and roscea. Additionally, a spread of vitamins combined with a low concentrate of retinol palmitate help to increase cellular turnover.

Visit for their full line-up.

Also, make sure to visit us in store for our upcoming EmerginC Skincare Launch event! We will be featuring an EmerginC Representative, who will be available to answer all your questions. Wednesday October 18th 5:30pm-7pm.

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