Brand Spotlight Series: Nature Of Things

"Natureofthings is a modern wellness house rooted in the enduring wisdom of nature. We believe that health is harmony. It's synchronicity of body, mind and the natural world. Our ingredients come from the earth – plants, minerals, and elements. Our formulas are equal parts curative and preventive, designed to give you a good today and even better tomorrow."

Nature of Things is a clean beauty brand that celebrates the ritual and elegance of self care. From skin care, hair care, to healing bath elixirs- their products are designed to infuse nature's bounty into your wellness routine.

With an equal consideration to sustainability, the opulent packaging is designed to be repurposed for continued use. The vessels are primarily glass, wood, and aluminum-reducing use of plastic as much as possible. These products are designed for every gender and all ages. Let's take a closer look at the products we brought into Haskill Creek.

Nature of Things- Hair

The Hair Cleanse Concentrate is an everyday shampoo formulated for all hair types! It's a potent combination of plant and mineral ingredients resulting in supremely clean hair and a healthy scalp. With a subtly earthy and nutty scent and a luxurious lather- accentuated by ingredients like Kukui Nut, Moroccan Lava Clay, and Aloe Vera Extract.

The Hair Condition Concentrate is a lightweight formula formulated for all hair types! This potent formulation features Hyaluronic acid, panthenol and hydrolyzed quinoa- which join together to lock in lasting hydration. Niacinamide works to balance moisture and form a protective layer that enables healthy hair growth. Vetiver Root Oil lends a smoky, earthy scent as the aromatherapy grounds and enhances your bathing experience.

Nature of Things- Body

Cleansing Body & Scalp Polish A gently exfoliating formula that can be used on the body or to improve circulation of the scalp. Himalayan Salt and Jeju Volcanic Ash provide the exfoliation, while Ceylon Cinnamon Oil improves circulation with it's warming effect.

Nourishing Body Creme A nourishing formula rich with Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and plant-based Squalane. The aromatherapy of citrus essential oils and a light jasmine elevate the ritual of moisturizing the skin.

Nature of Things- Face

Balancing Facial Essence
This multi benefit serum goes on smooth and melts into the skin. Plant-based emollients like aloe and rose flower oil impart moisture and a dewy finish. Kombu Algae and Mallow Flower reduce redness and calm skin.

Clarifying Facial Polish
Just add water to this gently exfoliating powder of volcanic ash and glacial clay. Also combined with Salicylic acid, lactic acid and papaya enzyme- these work to encourage cellular turn-over and brighten skin tone.

Rejuvenating Overnight Facial Mask
Apply this lightweight mask before bedtime and let it do its magic while you slumber. Made with replenishing Aloe, Tremella Mushroom, and Gotu Kola. This antioxidant rich treatment helps to stimulate collagen production while it brightens and firms.

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