Gift Guide: For Our Furry Friends

Shop Small! All of these products are available in-store at Haskill Creek.

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Botanical Bones | Dog Treats.
These superfood dog treats are nutrient-dense and rich in antioxidants with no preservatives or fillers. Because our pets deserve the best. Dog Treats

Koala Eco | Dog Wash. This is a nourishing, plant-based, hypoallergenic formula that combines the woody, herbal scent of sweet marjoram with the lemon-lavender aroma of rosalina. Both naturally anti-inflammatory and antifungal. Non-toxic Dog Wash

JOY Organics | CBD Dog Chews. These beef-flavored treats have 2 mg of CBD per chew. Our pets have an endocannobinoid system- just like us. CBD can help support this internal system. CBD Dog Chews

Jonathan Adler | Puppy Uppers Canister. Sure to be a conversation-starter on the countertop. Your pet will appreciate what treats are on the inside. Puppy Uppers Canister

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