Gift Guide: For The Frequent Flyer

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Everyday Oil | Mainstay. A multi-tasking master in organic and microbiome-friendly skincare for your whole body- and your whole family! Botanicals oils and essential oils combine to create a hydrating cleanser, moisturizer, or both. Everyday Oil

Ursa Major | Après Anything Kit. This is a unisex, travel-friendly kit designed to clean, refresh, repair and nourish skin after any adventure. Or while still on the go!
Après-Anything Skincare Kit

Elevate | Luggage Tag. This full-grain leather luggage tag is perfect for the jet-setter, complete with an uplifting message. Leather Luggage Tag

Cymbiotika | Vitamin C. Give the gift of a bolstered immune system! This liposomal formula is superior in delivery and potency. Vitamin C

EmerginC | Hydra-Repair Capsules. An intensive moisture boost contained in tiny capsules. Great to revitalize dry skin and repair sun burnt or wind burnt skin.
Hydra-Repair Capsules

Campo | Travel Diffuser. This sleek matte black diffuser is jet-set ready to infuse any space with Campo essential oils to shift the mood or clean the air. USB-powered.
Travel Diffuser

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