Gift Guide: For The Home Chef

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Hawkins New York- Essential Kitchen Oil & Vinegar Bottles. Made with borosilicate glass- both elegant and multi-purpose vessels. $44. Oil & Vinegar Bottles

W & P- Cup Cubes Freezer Tray. Prep, freeze & thaw 1-2 cup portions of anything. Great for the soup lover. $20. Cup Cube Freezer Tray

Pineapple Collaborative- The Salt. In a 3 oz bespoke ceramic vessel, blush pink salt from ponds high in the Peruvian Andes is harvested by hand. $30. The Salt

McEvoy Ranch- 5-Piece Olive Oil & Vinegar Set. A perfect way to sample these high-quality olive oils and vinegars. Great to inspire new recipe ideas. $47. 5-Piece Set

Diaspora Co.- Steak Masala Spice Blend. This company does spices right- plus the tin is perfect for repurposing. $12. Spice Blend

West-Bourne- Pure Avocado Oil. Maybe they've tried avocado oil, but they haven't tried this avocado oil. With its light and neutral flavor, it can used as a 1:1 substitute for butter. $22. Avocado Oil

Spicewell- Superfood Shakers. More than salt and pepper. These are boosted with 21 vitamins and minerals all sourced from organic vegetables. Add nutritional benefit to just about anything. $34. Superfood Shaker Set

Hawkins New York- Simple Marble Rolling Pin. Perfect gift for the baker in your life, or to inspire you to become one. $65. Marble Rolling Pin

Tree Juice Maple Syrup- Mini Maple Syrup Set. A family owned and operated farm out of the Catskills Mountains of New York. This is a perfect way to sample their infused varieties in this mini set. $15. Mini Maple Syrup Set

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