Gift Guide: For The Life Of The Party

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Cure | Hydrating Electrolyte Drink Mix. It's important to replenish lost electrolytes from a night of over-indulgence. This mix provides a more effective way to rehydrate. Plus no added sugar. Hydrating Electrolyte Drink Mix

Biocol Labs | Detox Ampoules. A powerful plant-mix to support the function and cleaning capacity of the liver. With naturally detoxifying ingredients like chicory, artichoke, and choline- it's 7 days to more optimal health. Detox Ampoules

EmerginC | Revital-eyes Mask. These soothing eye masks are packed with active minerals and soothing ingredients like cucumber and green tea. Refrigerate before use for additional reduction in puffiness. Revital-eyes Mask

Cymbiotika | Mineral Shilajit. This super-powered supplement is chock full of 84+ minerals that support the body's functions including detoxification. It will leave them feeling "Shilajit to quit". Mineral Shilajit

ZBioticz | Pre-alcohol Probiotic. To be consumed prior to a night of drinking, Zbiotics is a novel probiotic that actually helps one break down the toxic byproduct of alcohol- acetaldehyde. It's the gift of productive tomorrows. Pre-alcohol Probiotic

OSEA | Ocean Eyes. This lightweight formula reduces appearance of dark circles and puffiness. With soothing seaweed and revitalizing caffeine, it will help provide that well-rested look. Ocean Eyes

Doctor Rogers | Restore Healing Balm. A cure-all balm, designed to repair the most sensitive skin. Deeply penetrating and moisturizing for any irritated and parched skin. Restore Healing Balm

Cymbiotika | Activated Charcoal. Activated charcoal is the king of binding up toxins in the gut. Great for recovery from over-indulging in food or drink. Activated Charcoal

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