Gift Guide: For The Self-Care Trendsetter

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Wonder Valley | Hinoki Body Oil. A luxurious and lightweight body oil. Scented with the intoxicating aroma of Siberian Fir and Japanese Hinoki. Hinoki Body Oil

Moon Juice | Magnesi-Om. Give the gift of calm this holiday season. This mixture contains three bioavailable forms of magnesium and comes in two flavors; mixed berry and blue lemon. Magnesi-Om

Alice | Nightcap Mushroom Chocolate. Decadent dark chocolate infused with goodness. These bedtime bites have the fruiting body of Reishi mushrooms, along with relaxing herbs like L-theanine and chamomile. Nightcap Mushroom Chocolate

OSEA | Bestsellers Discovery Set. This 4-piece set is a perfect introduction to this clean beauty line, infused with healing elements of the sea. Bestsellers Discovery Set

Plant People | Wonderday Mushroom Gummies. These wonderful gummies are packed with an adaptogenic mushroom medley to boost mood, reduce stress, and improve gut health. Wonderday Mushroom Gummies

Milk + Honey | Body Brush. Dry brushing can provide gentle exfoliation for dry Winter skin and help to move lymph fluid. Body Brush

OHOM | Self-Purifying Bottle. "World’s First UV-C Self Purifying Straw Bottle". This cutting-edge water bottle uses ultraviolet light to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. Water bottle

Rainbo | 11:11 Mushroom Tincture. A blend of 11 powerful and potent functional mushrooms made to be consumed every day, similar to a multivitamin. Multiple adaptogenic benefits as this synergistic blend supports immune health and stress resilience. Mushroom Tincture

Cymbiotika | Vitamin C. Not just any Vitamin C, 1000mg of liposomal delivery, the most bioavailable form. Give the gift of preventative care, with this super immune-booster. Vitamin C

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