Gift Guide: For The Skincare Obsessed

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Cymbiotika | Healthy Glow Supplement. Beauty from the inside out. This high-end supplement protects, repairs, hydrates, and smoothes skin on a cellular level. Healthy Glow

Ursa Major | Golden Hour Recovery Cream. Essential for the Winter months. This clean beauty cream is a heavy-hitter, providing deep hydration. Golden Hour Recovery Cream

Wonder Valley | Little Wonders Kit. This set is the perfect introduction to the best-selling essentials from this clean beauty skincare line. Featuring four microbiome-friendly products. Little Wonders Kit

Apothekary | You Dew You. With anti-inflammatory herbs and functional mushrooms, this drink mixture can help soothe troubled-skin and support skin elasticity. You Dew You

Moon Juice | Plump Jelly. This hyaluronic serum is hydrating and protective. Boosted with adaptogenic mushrooms like Silver Ear and Reishi. Plump Jelly

EmerginC | 20% Vitamin C Serum. For the more serious skincare aficionado. This serum packs a potent punch with a whooping 20% Vitamin C formula. By Cosmeceutical company EmerginC. Vitamin C Serum

Wonder Valley | Gua Sha. An elegant addition to any skincare routine. This gua sha tool is made from Mookaite Jasper- an inherently nurturing stone. Gua Sha

Jenny Patinkin | Cryo Glow Globes. Made from hand-blown glass, these globes use cold temperature to provide healing benefits such as promoting circulation and reducing redness. Cryo Glow Globes

Living Libations | Best Skin Ever- Seabuckthorn Oil. This best-seller is an all-in-one cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer. It's gentle and healing for all skin types. Best Skin Ever

Isagenix | Collagen Elixir. Infused with an innovative blend of marine collagen peptides and powerful botanicals. Packaged in cute and recyclable glass bottles, with visible results when taken daily. Collagen Elixir

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