Gift Guide: For The Sleep Lover

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Campo | Ultrasonic Diffuser & Essential Oil. This nifty diffuser preserves essential oil properties with ultrasonic vibrations- rather than heating or burning. Gently drift off to sleep with this pure essential oil blend for sleep wafting through the air. Diffuser & EO

Loftie | Loftie Clock. One of Time Magazine's "Best Inventions 2023". This is not just an alarm clock. But a gentle alarm, dimmable display, sound machine, sunrise clock, and a hub for breath work, all in one. Loftie Clock

Zbioticz | Pre-alcohol Probiotic. Do we all know that alcohol disrupts quality sleep? Ease the detox process, by gifting these unique probiotics. Designed to aid in the breakdown of acetaldehyde- alcohol's toxic byproduct. Pre-alcohol Probiotic

Loftie | The Mysteries Of Sleep. Unravel the mysteries of sleep with this fascinating book that  contains "A lighthearted tour of the science, history, legends, and oddities of slumber". The Mysteries Of Sleep Book

Cymbiotika | Liposomal Sleep.
A soothing pre-bed formula to lull into slumber. With calming ingredients like L-theanine, GABA, passionflower, chamomile, and a teeny amount of melatonin. Liposomal Sleep

Look Optic | Laurel Blue Light Blockers. Bold frames with the added benefit of blue-blocking lenses. These help prevent disruption of circadian rhythms that happen with light from our devices. Laurel Blue Light Blockers

Moon Juice | Magnesi-Om. The perfect pre-bed ritual. With three bio-available forms of Magnesium (which most of us are deficient in) plus L-theanine, this mix will create an almost instant calm. Magnesi-Om

Honeylux | Eye Mask. Made with the softest mulberry silk, for the most luxurious next-to-skin feel. Gently block out light pollution to drift off to la la land. Silk Eye Mask

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