Haskill Essentials: Amanda Person

Amanda is an owner at Bleubird Creative, social media manger, an instructor at Love Yoga Montana, and a proud mom of 2.

With life moving in many directions, she looks for simple and easy wellness solutions that bring daily rejuvenation and balance.

“Do what makes YOU feel FREE.”

Here are the Haskill Essentials that keep her in the flow...

Studio Wald- Flower press- "I like keeping something funky and random in my bag for when the small people need a little distraction! This is a fun gift to give each kid before a trip or big hike!" Tulip Flower Press

Gaia Kids- Bronchial Wellness Syrup- "This is a no brainer considering the state of my kids (and maybe yours too) the last month as well as our late summer fires! A yummy way to help the tiny people battle!" Bronchial Wellness Syrup

Living Libations- Ozonated Lip Gloss- Ruby Juice Ozone Lip Gloss
Living Libations- Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Oil- Best Skin Ever
OGEE- Complexion Stick- Sculpted Complexion Stick
"This small and mighty trio packs a big punch! This cleanser leaves behind the most beautiful glow, top it with the OGEE complexion stick and a lil red gloss on the cheeks and lips —> off you go!"

Ursa Major- Golden Hour Recovery Cream- "Your girl’s skin gets real dry during the winter so it’s nice to have a realllly moisturizing face lotion to keep in my bag to slather on my face all day long!" Golden Hour Recovery Cream

Printworks- Tea Tools- "Who doesn’t like something pretty when you’re make something pretty? The process of brewing tea is beautiful and I will be gifting this set for the Holiyays! It’s beautiful! Tea tongs?! Come on!!" Tea Tool Set 

Bala Weights- "So sleek- I love this vibe! Plus, traveling with these is easy - at 3 pounds each you can get a lot done with them! They’re small but mighty." Bala Bars

Plant People- Nightlight Cacao Mix- "Trying to get “All The Things I Need To Do Tomorrow” out of my mental space at night is challenging. This helps me hit the pillow nice and relaxed." Nightlight Cacao Mix

All of these available in-store at Haskill Creek.

For more about Amanda's Businesses, visit:

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