Haskill Essentials: Amber Rudd

Meet Amber!

Amber is a Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner who helps people take control of their health once and for all by finding and fixing the root cause of their chronic health issues.

She specializes in autoimmune, digestive, hormone, mood, and fatigue issues. Amber sees patients virtually or in person in Whitefish, MT.

Here are some of her favorites here at Haskill Creek...

1. MoonJuice | Sleepy Magnesi-Om
“Sleep is the leading domino when it comes to our health. Magnesium is calming and many of us are deficient in this important mineral. I also love this product because it has a small dose of melatonin and it includes L-theanine, which is incredibly relaxing and puts me right to sleep.” Sleepy Magnesi-Om

2. Thorne | Chocolate Whey Protein
“All of my patients know I am a big fan of protein! It helps to stabilize blood sugar and cortisol throughout the day and most of us don’t get nearly enough. High quality animal protein is my favorite, but when you need an extra boost this whey protein is great for a snack or post workout recovery.” Whey Protein

3. Verilux | Happy Light
“Winters can be long and cloudy up here in northern Montana and 10-20 minutes of bright light therapy in the mornings can really help improve mood, sleep, and adrenal health. If I can’t get in a quick walk outside, I prop this easy to use light in front of me at my desk or at the breakfast table each morning.” Happy Light

4. Rosita | Cod Liver Oil
“I love that this company doesn’t use heat to extract their oil which preserves the natural retinol, vitamin D, and fatty acid profile. Retinol is the active form of vitamin A which is so important for cell division and immune health. I give this to my kids every day.” Cod Liver Oil

5. Cymbiotika | Probiotic + Prebiotic
“Gut health is important for many different functions of the body including brain, bone, skin, hormone, and immune health to name a few. Keeping our guts healthy is super important and I love this product because it supplies both probiotics and prebiotics as well as nutraceuticals to help support the gut lining.” Synbiotic

6. Designs for Health | ProbioMed Kids
“One of the best things you can do to support your kids' immune system is to support their gut. This is a great probiotic for overall gut support and bonus that it’s in a tasty chewable form without the sugar.” ProbioMed Kids

7. Enzo | Olive Oil
“Olive oil has many health benefits but we have to be careful about where we buy it these days. Many olive oils are mixed with other inflammatory oils but sold as "olive oil”. Enzo olive oil tastes delicious and is made from start to finish at one site and has been certified by the California Olive Oil Council.” Olive Oil

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Amber, visit Amber Rudd Functional Medicine.

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