Haskill Essentials: Andre Bolourchi

Meet Andre!

Andre is the co-founder and head trainer at Peak Fitness. He and the team at Peak have designed the gym to be a safe place for people to learn, grow and build community. The HIIT classes at Peak Fit focus on functional training, improving form, and creating strength and longevity.

“Whether you join our gym or not, make the physical body an essential component of everyday life.”

Check out Andre's Haskill favorites that help keep him living his best life...

1. Momentous | Vital Aminos- “Replenishing your body with the proper nutrients after a training session is essential for recovery branched chain amino acids, and essential new acids do exactly that. What you put into your body directly affect the performance of it.”
Momentous Aminos

2. Everyday Oil | Mainstay- “Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Keeping it hydrated and refreshed is key to proper skin care, hygiene, and longevity of elasticity of your skin. I love this product on my face but also my entire body.”
Everyday Oil

3. Cymbiotika | Shilajit- “Shilajit is a highly potent resin found in the Earth that helps purify and detoxify your organs, and can help overall higher function of your body. So many of us in modern day culture are living with taxed bodies. This is exactly exactly why adding shilajit into your daily regimen is so important.”
Shilajit Resin

4. Cymbiotika | Probiotics- “We can all benefit from a better metabolism and digestive health. Try giving your gut a healthier Microbiome with these probiotics, and see and feel the difference!”

5. Milk + Honey | Muscle Soak- “As much as I love being active and working my body, I love to relax and enjoy the sweet surrender of a bathtub mineral soak. Mental relaxation. It’s just important as working your body. Make sure you’re doing both.”
Muscle Soak

6. Ursa Major | Golden Hour Recovery Cream- “By far, one of my favorite face moisturizer products. If you want, vibrant, plump, healthy, looking skin, this is a must!”
Recovery Cream

Thank you to Andre for sharing your favorites! To learn more about Andre and Peak Fit, visit www.peakfitmt.com

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