Haskill Essentials: Julie Westdal

Meet Julie!

Julie has been a licensed and practicing esthetician in Whitefish for over 10 years, specializing in treating skin from within. She believes glowing skin starts on a cellular level with a healthy, hydrated, and balanced body.

We are honored to have Julie as our in-house esthetician consultant, she is a wealth of knowledge! We asked her what Haskill Essentials help her maintain her glow...

1. Plant People | WonderGreens Veggie Gummies- "My kids LOVE these! Getting green veggies into my kids' bodies is a challenge most of the time. I feel accomplished when I watch them gobble these delicious little gummies up! Grown-ups like them too!" WonderGreens

2. Queen Of The Thrones | Castor Oil- "Castor oil packs are my new obsession! They can help with liver detox, thyroid support, hormone balancing, and gut health! And the oil is super hydrating for your skin as well!" Castor Oil Pack

3. OSEA | Bestsellers Bodycare Set- "The bestseller kit is the best way to try four of the best, most hydrating, and luxurious body products you'll ever experience. And they make GREAT gifts!!!" Bestsellers Bodycare Set

4. OGEE | Tinted Lip Oil- "This is the most hydrating luxurious lip crayon I've ever used. Their color selection is gorgeous and this one is my favorite I wear it every day because it looks so natural!" Tinted Lip Oil

5. OSEA | Sea Minerals Mist- "I'm obsessed with mists and this is one of my all time favorites! Prep your skin to receive your serums by misting with a mineral and antioxidant rich, cooling hydrating mist. You can also use it to hydrate and cool your skin throughout the day." Sea Minerals Mist

6. EmerginC | At-home Facial Peel & Clarifying Kit- "This kit is the perfect way to take your at home skin care regimen to the next level. Clear inflamed acne, smooth texture and lighten hyperpigmentation with organic fruit enzymes. And it's PREGNANCY SAFE!!"
Facial Peel & Clarifying Kit

7. Cymbiotika | Liposomal Vitamin C- "Anytime I feel a little run down like I might be fighting a bug, or just want extra immune support when the sicknesses are going around, I always reach for this. It's delicious and it squashes whatever is trying to take my immune system down!" Liposomal Vitamin C

Thank you to Julie!
Stay tuned for the next event we host to feature her expertise!
New Location now open downtown Whitefish: 33 Baker Ave!

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