Haskill Essentials: Marissa Keenan

Meet Marissa! Marissa is the co-founder of two local businesses; Sweet Peaks Ice Cream and Wild Coffee Company. She is also team captain to 3 kiddos, 2 dogs, and 1 axolotl. This while leading a whole team of stellar ice cream scoopers, makers, and a crew of Wild Coffee's excellent baristas. What a superstar!

"Sweet Peaks was started out of a love for community and joy. I take the same approach to health and wellness.  Wellness isn't just about swallowing pills and eating healthy but also about giving ourselves small moments of joy." -Marissa

Following are Marissa's 8 Haskill staples.

Fellow Pour Over. "My morning routine is water and then coffee. This fellow single pour over is for slow mornings. When I am not drinking super dry cappuccinos at Wild - then I use our espresso blend ground for cold brew at home." Fellow Pour Over

Cure Hydration.  "The best flavored hydration packet. I drink this after a long run or a long day of work when water alone doesn't seem enough. It also tastes like my favorite Paloma cocktail with tart grapefruit and salt but none of the tequila." Cure Hydration- Grapefruit

Printworks Colored Pencils. "My office is a backpack and you will usually find a stack of colored markers, sharpies and colored pencils. Daily agendas look better in color as do the next round of flavor ideas." Prinkworks Colored Pencils

Fire Tongue Farms Chili Flakes. "Chili flakes and sea salt are my go-to for increasing the flavor of anything. Trust me when I tell you a sprinkle of chili flakes and a dust of sea salt on a scoop of vanilla ice cream is joy-inducing". Firetongue Farms Chili Flakes

Nutiva Coconut Oil. "The universal balm. Aside from being the only chapstick that my kiddo will use - it makes the perfect natural chocolate shell. Mix with melted chocolate and pour over ice cream. Childhood dreams come true." Nutiva Coconut Oil

Osea Body Oil.  "A close friend gifted me this body oil as a reminder to slow down and take care of me- and I haven't looked back. It is the perfect nourishment for dry Montana air and a morning routine that feels like a luxury before the daily sprint begins. Everything from this line is worth it." Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil

Moon Juice Magnesi-Om. "Sleep! In order to chase after my kids and work and still have time for a long run - I need really good sleep. Magnesium helps and this product is a great combo for reminding me of rest and relaxation. Plus - the Moon Juice brand just makes their health journey a little more magical." Moon Juice Magnesi-Om 

Haskill Creek Save Farmland Hat. "When a company cares about the community from which it was born it is inspiring. Watching and cheerleading intentional community engagement and collaboration will always bring me joy. This hat is a reminder of what giving back and giving forward can look like." Hat only available in store.

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