Haskill Tea Blends: Heart Healthy Blend

Have you tried our made in-house tea blends?

These are lovingly and expertly crafted by herbal aficionado Robin Kelly. She takes her extensive herbal knowledge and creates healing blends that are as beneficial to the body as they are tasty.

This go around, we are highlighting our Heart Healthy Tea Blend. This herbal blend is caffeine-free and supports heart health as well as the cardiovascular system. It's fruity and floral notes are accented with a touch of tartness and spice. Enjoyed hot or cold, as we head into Spring- try it over ice, sweetened with honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Option to serve with a side of rest and relaxation.

Ingredient Profiles:

Hawthorn- Berry, Leaf, & Flower | A heavy-hitter and all-star of this blend. Hawthorn lowers blood pressure and improves heart rate as well as cardiac output during moderate exercise. Since it dilates blood vessels, it improves blood flow to the heart and the rest of the body.

Danshen or Red Sage | Is known to help in widening and relaxing of blood vessels to improve circulation. Often used in treatment of Heart Disease and reducing chest pain.

Rosehips | Can help boost blood flow and circulation by naturally thinning the blood. This helps modulate blood pressure, and well as helping prevent clogged arteries and plaque buildup.

Gotu Kola | Is seen in the treatment of varicose veins as it helps to prevent blood clots in the legs and prevent the damage of small blood vessels in people with diabetes.

Clary Sage | Has Cardio-protective qualities while improving circulation by relaxing arteries and the brain.

This blend also includes powerful anti-inflammatories and additional benefits of:
Hibiscus Flower, Ginger, and Cinnamon.

Come on down to Haskill Creek to sample this powerful and holistic tea blend.

New downtown location, opening soon!

*Not intended as medical advice. Please consult your primary care provider for individualized recommendations.

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