Brand Spotlight Series: Featuring OSEA; An Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

OSEA Product Grouping
Countless clean product formulations to choose from.

The OG

Perhaps one of the first Clean Beauty Brands, OSEA started back in 1996 in Southern California. OSEA was born from a long-held devotion to safe and clean formulations combined with an appreciation for the healing elements of the ocean.

As an acronym for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere, OSEA positively harnesses nature's best medicine.

Walk the Walk

The company goes above and beyond, and has been cruelty-free and vegan all along. They attained Leaping Bunny Certification in the year 2000. Osea walks the ‘clean beauty’ walk, by being one of the first companies to sign The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics in 2001. This campaign seeks to improve industry standards and regulation in the beauty industry to this very day. OSEA attained certification of “Ocean Positive” in 2022 by supporting kelp forests in California and around the world. A truly inspiring company and industry leader in the clean beauty realm. 

Heart and Soul

At the heart of their formulations are the ocean’s gifts of algae and seaweed- one of nature’s most nutrient-dense and nourishing living greens. OSEA utilizes four different species of seaweed- like Undaria and Japanese Miru- each having different healing elements and properties.

 In this article,  we feature an Age-Defying skincare routine to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.



Option A: Ocean Cleansing Milk (For dry skin) 
  • This gentle, non-foaming cleanser is very mild and good for sensitive as well as aging skin. It’s fragrance-free and PH-Balanced.

Option B: Ocean Cleanser (for normal/combination skin) 
  • A seaweed infused gel cleanser. Still gentle, but with zesty essential oils like bergamot and lime to enliven the senses.

2. MIST: (AM/PM)

Sea Mineral Mist
  • Good for all skin types, this seaweed infused toning spray imparts plumping hydration for dewy skin. A great prep to aid in maximum nutrient absorption from your serum.


Serum: Anti-Aging Sea Serum
  • A bioactive serum that is enriched with stabilized Vitamin C and plant-based peptides to plump and protect the skin barrier. 


 Option A: Atmosphere Protection Cream (Dry/normal) 
  • A lightweight moisturizer to protect against environmental pollutants. Great under your SPF Lotion.

Option B: Advanced Protection Cream (Dry) 
  • A seriously hydrating and rich cream great for a night treatment and the decolletage. This recently reformulated product features a plant-based retinol alternative called Bidens Pilosa- more commonly Black Jack- an antioxidant with a  natural ability to stimulate collagen production.


Option A: Advanced Repair Eye Cream
  • This is a high-performance hydrator! Featuring two anti-aging algaes and plant-derived squalane for long-lasting hydration. 

Option B: Ocean Eyes

A hydrating gel serum to smooth delicate lines and crow's feet. Featuring seaweed, hyaluronic acid and peptides, along with caffeine- to brighten the under eye area and reduce puffiness. 

Visit Osea online for more information, or come see the collection and other selections in-person at Haskill Creek Farms.

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